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Jason has been working in the vacation rental industry for 10+ years in Florida and Susan has more than 25 years of experience in hospitality management.  Jason brought his vacation rental management model to WI after Susan's position at the local CVB was eliminated during the pandemic; this was the beginning of Elite Lake Rentals in 2021.

We were born and raised in Wisconsin Rapids in Central Wisconsin.  Susan moved to Lake Geneva in 2006 when Jason was in college.  Jason graduated from UW-Stout with a Bachelor's degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management with a Minor in Property Management in December of 2008.  After moving around the US pursuing different hospitality management roles, he and his wife Heather, settled in FL and have worked in the vacation rental industry since 2013. 

Jason and his wife Heather own Elite Beach Rentals in the Tampa Bay Beaches area managing homes and condos in Indian Rocks Beach and Indian Shores.  With opposite peak seasons, Jason and Heather spend their summers in Wisconsin with their 2 mini goldendoodles Lucy and Lola, helping out with Elite Lake Rentals operations.

Enterprise Property Management Software

No, we are a boutique hospitality management company that believes in leveraging the best tech tools to deliver a 5-star experience to both our guests and owners.

Yes, we adhere to strict trust accounting principles to ensure your revenue is safe at all times. All guest deposit are kept in a non-interest bearing account until the reservation happens and all revenue is actualized upon guest departure.

All owners are paid via ACH payment on the 10th of each month for all reservation departures the previous month. (ie. If a guest reservation checks-in on June 28th and departs on July 5th, the revenue for that rental will be paid out on August 10th).

Housekeeping & Inspections

We inspect each property prior to guest check-in when we deliver our local welcome gift. We also inspect the property after each guest departure, checking for any guest damage, missing items, and also ensuring that everything is in working order.

Yes, we complete a deep clean after each Summer season and also coordinate any  upholstery/carpet cleaning on an as-needed basis.

All linens are professionally laundered off-site to ensure high temperature washing and less wear and tear on your in-property appliances.

Guest Background Checks & Guest Damage Waivers

Safely conducts a background check for each primary guest that books your property. The background check includes criminal background, sex offender registry, terrorist database, and their own collective bad guest database from other managers using Safely.

We do not collect a security deposit from guests. All guests are required to pay for a Guest Damage Waiver insured by Safely, automatically included in all reservations.

Each reservation covers the guest and the owner for up to $1M in Bodily Injury Liability Coverage and up to $1M in any Guest Caused Structural Damage, with $5,000 in content coverage for accidental or intentional damage with $0 deductible.

Smart Home & Keyless Locks

Each guest is given their own unique door code that activates at check-in and deactivates at check-out ensuring your property is always secure.

Brivo smart hubs support any z-wave device. We recommend thermostat, door sensors, and water sensors.

The Brivo smart home hub has a backup cellular device built-in so if the Wifi goes down, all connected devices will continue to work.

Noise, Temperature, and Humidity Sensor

The Minut sensor is small and looks similar to a smoke detector. We typically stick it to the ceiling in the kitchen, where most guests like to gather but they also make an outdoor version that can be placed outside on decks or patio areas.

No, the Minut noise sensor is battery operated and lasts up to 6-months on one charge. We are alerted via the app when the battery is low and will manage the recharging in between guests so there is no downtime.

Minut devices are 100% privacy compliant and do not record conversations, they only measure sound level via decibels.

Rates & Revenue Management

Rates are changed daily based on supply, demand, and local events happening in the area.

Yes, you can request a minimum rate requirement. After we analyze the market, we will determine minimum rates and are happy to discuss this with you so you are comfortable about booking strategy.

Yes, we are open about what we charge for fees on each booking, nothing. is hidden from guests or owners. We operate with 100% integrity at all times and expect the same in return from our owners; after all, this is a partnership.

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